New opportunities are shifting conventional boundaries surrounding the learning experience. Students, parents and the community rely on institutions to deliver high quality education to prepare the next generation for fulfilling lives and careers. Kindergarten through college, institutions are facing new requirements for effectiveness, compliance and accountability. Administrators and educators have a tremendous opportunity to enrich the academic experience with enhanced communication and collaboration. Advanced technologies plays a role in attracting and retaining the best teaching and administrative teams, and strengthening a school’s reputation.

Vision Statement

To realize our vision, we shall provide: an inclusive, diverse and amicable environment to fulfill our student’s academic and professional passions. Contemporary and involved educational experiences that develop their commerce acumen. Variegated activities that integrate globe! Awareness, communication skills, leadership qualities and team building Judicious and accountable resource management training that prepares students for outstanding learning outcomes and evolving career goals keeping in tune with the changing times. Support of a dynamic faculty dedicated to teaching mentoring, research, and honing the creative potential of students. Social consciousness for trans formative impact on society. Interaction with highly successful alumni who contribute to the profession in society.

Mission Statement

It aims to further hone the student’s intellectual acumen, personal discipline and moral conviction.
Emphasis on all around development of students with an aim of not only producing professionals but also worthy citizens who would aid the progress and development of our country.

NISE Cloud LMS, big data and mobile apps are empowering administrators and educators, while distance learning has extended the reach of student access to quality education. Information needs to be highly available, as well as secured and managed consistently for privacy and liability concerns. Messaging applications improve community involvement and combined with emergency notification systems put students, staff and school safety first.

NISE offers a comprehensive set of enterprise-grade solutions tailored to the unique needs of higher education. From public and private universities to community colleges and trade schools, institutions of all kinds can rely on NISE’s communications and IT solutions to support campus needs and keep them at the forefront of knowledge delivery. 

Today NISE is proud to state that a great interest has been generated among students, parents and the community regarding opportunities to pursue careers in the global village. Currently there are several students who are either progressing with their applications with institutions, or awaiting to complete their visa processes. We wish all of them very well with their future career aspirations. God Bless them all.

NISE understands that every institution is unique, and so are their needs for learning and training. We help design and implement a comprehensive collaboration learning environment based on the unique needs and requirements of your institution.

Organizations provide in house training facilities to the trainers who impact and influence the future of the trainee. The learning and the experience of these executives are crucial to build the organization The Audio-Visual technology support this two-way interaction between the trainer and the trainees to keep the learning interactive, hands-on training or distance learning from an expert.

However big or small is the audience you need the best way to manage your conferences, workshops or training room workflow, NISE can help you design, integrate, and install your collaborative training Center with everything you need.

The traditional way of training has been put to test with digital learning and its collaborations.

Smart Learning allows you

1. To enable a personalized, secure and interactive learner experience.
2. To transform the learning experience and increase engagement thereby.
3. Stimulates interactivity and collaboration while promoting creativity and learning’s across the training.
4. Enables Distance Learning wherein, the trainee can participate in lectures streamed from other locations.
5. Recording and streaming of trainer’s lectures to watch later and learn on their own time.
6. It helps creative thinking and development.

Official Business Partners


Dr. Rizwan Ul Haq Malik
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Qutab Consultancy Services (SMC-PRIVATE) Limited.

URL: www.qcs.org.pk

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